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Friday, December 21, 2018

The Falling Wallendas-Belittle (1997)

CD Design: Jimmy Olson; Photography: Mary Osmundsen
This interesting bit of alt-rock exuberance came across my desk awhile back (and by "came across my desk" I mean "I ordered it on Amazon"). It's a nice companion to VPN's "Small Wire" (a couple posts back)- a good album for those looking for clarity and punchiness with just a touch of experimentalism in the melody department, and some esoteric lyricism. "Captain Beefheart" is one of a few stunners here- showcasing the tightness of the band's attack (precision bass riffing and driving percussion dissolving into a sunshiney chorus hook). Don't expect many echoes of the actual Beefheart though- this isn't as avant-garde or abrasive (and I like it all the better for that). Still, be prepared for the unexpected; for sharp melodic detours like the chilled-out block party verses of "Porn" splintering into frantic blasts of amp-testing evil.
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